4 Young Men Missing: Bucks County, PA

This post examines the disappearances of 4 young men from Bucks County, Pennsylvania, all within the same 2-day period. Victims & Timeline Jimi Tar Patrick, 19 : July 5, 2017 Mark Sturgis, 22: July 7, 2017 Tom Meo, 21: July 7, 2017 Dean Finocchiaro, 18: July 7, 2017 Disappearances Patrick was reported missing when he … Continue reading 4 Young Men Missing: Bucks County, PA


The Black Dahlias

Who killed Ora Murray, Elizabeth Short, Georgette Bauerdorf, Evelyn Winters, and Jeanne French? A series of cold case murders from 1940s Los Angeles get some clarity with a fresh look at victimology and criminal profiling. Timeline and Victims Ora Murray, 42: July 26, 1943 Georgette Bauerdorf, 20: October 12, 1944 Elizabeth "Beth" Short, 22: January … Continue reading The Black Dahlias