The Austin Serial Bomber

This post examines the psychological profile of a serial bomber who is currently unidentified and actively terrorizing the citizens of Austin, TX. Timeline of the Bombings March 2, 2018: Anthony Stephan House, 39, is killed when a package bomb explodes at 6:55am outside his residence on the 1100 block of Haverford Drive March 12, 2018: … Continue reading The Austin Serial Bomber


The Disappearance of Brandon Lawson

Timeline & Victim Brandon Lawson, 26: August 8, 2013 (last seen) ~11:53pm: Brandon leaves his home in San Angelo, TX headed for his father's residence in Crowley, TX ~12:00am: Brandon's wife, Ladessa, calls his cell phone and asks him to return home ~12:10am: Brandon's brother, Kyle, arrives at the Lawton home to check on Ladessa … Continue reading The Disappearance of Brandon Lawson

The Delphi & Evansdale Murders

This post examines the strange similarities in the cases of 4 murdered girls. Victims & Timeline Lyric Cook, 10: Friday, July 13, 2012; Evansdale, Iowa (found deceased) Elizabeth Collins, 8: Friday, July 13, 2012; Evansdale, Iowa (found deceased) Liberty "Libby" German, 14: Monday, February 13, 2017; Delphi, Indiana (found deceased) Abigail "Abby" Williams, 13: Monday, February 13, 2017; Delphi, Indiana (found deceased) … Continue reading The Delphi & Evansdale Murders

Abbey & Austin Conner

This post examines the strange circumstances surrounding the drownings of 2 young adults in Mexico. Victims & Timeline Abbey Conner, 20, deceased: January 12, 2017 Austin Conner, 22, injured: January, 2017* *exact date unknown, but sometime prior to January 12th The Drownings In early January, 2017, Abbey, Austin, and their mother and stepfather, Ginny and … Continue reading Abbey & Austin Conner

The Strange Case of Elisa Lam

The mysterious death of Elisa Lam gets some clarity with a fresh look at victimology and behavioral profiling. Victim & Timeline Elisa Lam (Cantonese name Lam Ho Yi), 21: January 31, 2013 Victim Narrative Lam, the daughter of immigrants from Hong Kong, was a student at the University of British Columbia in Canada. Lam traveled … Continue reading The Strange Case of Elisa Lam

The Taconic Parkway Crash

A devastating multi-car crash from 2009 gets some clarity with a fresh look at psychological profiling and behavioral analysis. This post examines the 2009 New York Taconic Parkway crash that killed 8 people, including Diane Schuler, the driver of a minivan that plowed for 2 miles in the wrong direction down the parkway. 4 of the … Continue reading The Taconic Parkway Crash